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Our Annual Book Event Is Back!

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

After three years of hibernation, our annual public event Bring A Book & Share, which comprises used book collection activities and a book bazaar, is finally back.

If you have some good old books to give away, please consider bringing them to us. The books collected will be sold at the book bazaar at around 1/3 of the original price to raise money in support of our book re-donation programs.

Since 2009, local charity Read-Cycling (IR No 91/20408) has received over 200,000 used books and helped more than 160,000 of them find new home mainly through our book re-donation programs.

Each book accepted by Read-Cycling will be given a stamp worth HKD10* to be used at the book bazaar. . Attention: Please check out the book donation guideline ( ) and give us only the books we need. This will not only help reduce the unnecessary loads you carry around but also alleviate the workload of our volunteers.

______________ 2022 Bring A Book & Share〡Western Market ▎ Used Book Collection Counter ◆ 24-26/11 ◆ 1-3/12 ◆ 7-13/12 [ 12-7pm ] . ▎Book Bazaar ◆ 7-13/12 [ 12-7pm ] . See you there!


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